Women’s Leadership Identity Style & Impact (LISI) Group Coaching Programme

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Programme Overview   

This innovative on-line group coaching programme is aimed at female leaders from mid-career through to senior level, who want to lead with more conscious awareness, for high personal and authentic impact, to add substantive value to their leadership roles and realise their highest and wildest leadership ambitions!

The programme has been specifically designed to be delivered over a 6 month period, to enable full participant engagement, through intensive group coaching, personal assignments and reflection activities, as well as allowing time to trial and implement modified approaches in their leadership roles.

The intention is to provide an immersive and “wrap-around” learning and coaching experience, at all times fully supported by Elaine Akester as lead coach and facilitator with added support of a quality back office support team and private community group learning forum.

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Who the programme is aimed at:

Management & Leadership Experience – Requirements

  • Female leaders with at least 5 years senior management experience either stepping up into first Leadership role or aspiring to within the coming year.
  • Female leaders in mid-career, with at a minimum of three years leadership experience.
  • Female leaders at senior career level, considering their next career opportunities or about to step up into a next or top level Leadership role.

Current Challenges & Opportunities

This is not an exhaustive list, but a good indicator that this programme is for you, is if you agree with at least 2 of the bullet points below.

  • You are ambitious for yourself and want to accelerate your leadership career, by focusing on rapidly improving your leadership style and impact.
  • You are sometimes frustrated in your ability to influence, to have real impact and in having your leadership voice heard.
  • You work in a sector which has a “traditional” culture with a male dominated management and leadership hierarchy
  • You operate at, or close to top level leadership and want to develop your ability to use and adapt your authentic style to maximum effect in navigating often complex, and challenging, diverse stakeholder groups and agendas.

Benefits of LISI Group Coaching Programme

  • Become the leader you know you are capable of and aspire to become
  • Develop your self-belief, confidence & motivation in a way you may never have experienced before
  • Work in a private group of fellow-committed female leaders whose intention to develop and accelerate their leadership impact and career ambitions is matched by your own.
  • Share, learn and develop with a committed community of fellow leaders from across a spectrum of business and public sectors and cultures in a unique way
  • Be part of a supportive but engaging group of women, led by a top-level leadership coach, who has the skills, presence and expertise to get you where you want to go, in a short time-frame.
  • Develop new professional relationships and expand your own career network.
  • Gain real clarity into your core values, purpose, motivation, preferences, strengths and vulnerabilities?
  • Gain insight into your belief and bias framework that both help and hinder your leadership influence and impact.
  • Gain deep insight and conscious awareness into modulating and modifying your leadership style to best effect
  • Learn how to respond more consciously and powerfully, in the most challenging of situations
  • Learn how to use your style and persona to best effect in navigating effective relationships with diverse and challenging stakeholder groups and agendas.
  • Gain insight into your leadership shadow, how you respond at high stress points and learn how to manage yourself and your response to others more effectively.

Programme Coach and Facilitator

Elaine Akester

All elements will be delivered by Elaine Akester, a Master Accredited Leadership Coach. With 5000+ hours of leadership coaching experience, extensive leadership development and facilitation experience combined with her own unique style and presence, this promises to be a top level, immersive, and fully engaging learning experience for all participants.

“I’ve said it before, Elaine is a fantastic facilitator of learning”

Financial Services Leader participant on Leading with Impact programme

The Learning Journey

Each learning module has clear objectives and detailed content, allowing participants to measure their own progress at every stage of the programme delivery.  An important part of the programme will be addressing both sustainability of learning and any mindset and behavioural changes enabled during the programme.

All participants will leave the programme equipped to sustain their learning and be able to both coach and lead themselves and others, at a much deeper level and in a fully conscious way.

“Every single one of us has the opportunity to be the leader we wish we had.”

Simon Sinek, Leadership Expert
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Core Delivery Elements – Overview

  1. 14 X 90 mins group coaching sessions delivered weekly in person by Elaine Akester, Master Leadership Coach over a period of 6 months.*
  2. 4 X 60 minute “leadership immersion” sessions comprising a blend of “hot seat” coaching on leadership challenges, action learning sets.
  3. 30 hours in person contact delivery time with a master accredited global leadership coach
  4. A personal 1.15 hour coaching session with Elaine as part of the on-boarding process
  5. Access to a private on-line peer community group platform, where participants can access session recordings, templates, resources, and engage with other members of the group community to develop, share and build networks, knowledge and experience and confidence.
  6. Well-designed group coaching sessions, each with specific objectives and outcomes, and access to session templates and other leadership resources, to help embed learning.
  7. Opportunity to be coached on your own leadership challenge by Elaine in group forum.
  8. Group celebration event – Certificates of programme completion.
  9. Dedicated and timely administrative support, to answer any administrative queries which may arise during the programme.
  10. A one-hour Leadership sustainability coaching session with Elaine to be taken within 6 months of the programme completion date.
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Module One – Overview of contemporary Leadership – Principles & Approaches

Learning Objectives:

  1. To identify specific and personal programme learning objectives, based on output from assessment and conversations with the lead coach, Elaine Akester.
  2. Leadership in context: To explore contemporary leadership developments and  approaches, and contemporary women’s leadership research. 
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Module Two – Leadership Identity (Purpose, Values & Beliefs)

Learning Objectives:

  1. To help you gain clarity and deep insight into who you are as a person which shapes and informs who you are as a leader.
  2. Exploring and getting real clarity into your sense of purpose – articulating it, connecting and/or re-connecting with it.
  3. To understand the importance of personal values in how you lead, to elicit a clear set of core personal values and prioritise them.
  4. To understand your underpinning belief system, how it shapes and informs how you lead yourself and others. Identification of core empowering and limiting beliefs, understanding how they do and do not serve you.
  5. To enable you “park up” limiting beliefs that hinder your leadership effectiveness and ambition.
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Module Three – Leadership Style & Management

Learning Objectives:

  1. To gain a high level of insight and awareness into the importance of Leadership styles, the advantages and drawbacks of each.
  2. To identify and clearly articulate your dominant and preferred leadership style and understand it’s strengths and limitations, particularly within organisational contexts and cultures.
  3. To understand the importance of consciously adapting your style to best meet the needs of a given situation and stakeholder audience
  4. To focus on your leadership style in relation to working with and leading teams
  5. To learn how to consciously modify your style, through repeated and consistent effort until this becomes a natural choice.
  6. To understand what your Leadership shadow is, when and how it manifests itself and ways you can effectively manage it.
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Module Four – Leadership Impact

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore and understand with clarity what your personal leadership impact is, it’s importance and power in relation to how you lead others.
  2. Gain insight and a high level of knowledge and awareness into your own personal leadership impact, where and how it is effective, and where and how it is less effective.
  3. Exploring and gaining insight into your Leadership presence, energy and aura.
  4. Explore and learn about the essentials of good relationship management through impactful communication, particularly influencing, negotiation and conflict resolution.
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Module Five – Programme Reflections, wrap-up and Way Forward

Learning Objectives:

  1. To reflect on learning, new insights and changes you have made over the course of the programme.
  2. To understand the impact these have on your leadership identity style and impact.
  3. To address how you will sustain these gains going forward and explore who and what resources you can access to help me do this.
  4. To consider your next leadership career move and allied ongoing development.
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Programme delivery schedule

Important Note

The 6-month programme is scheduled to start in January 2022, and finish in June 2022.

Core Delivery Sessions

  • 90-minute group coaching sessions – Delivery Dates and Times: Tuesday evenings (BST) 7.15pm – 8.45pm

 Monday evenings (for participants from GCC) 7.30pm (Dubai & Muscat) 6.30pm (Kuwait & Riyadh) all local times

Focussed on core learning material, resources, and group activities, insight and reflections and commitments to actions.


  • 60-minute leadership Immersion sessions – Delivery Dates and Times: Tuesday evenings (BST) 7.00pm – 8.00pm

 Monday evenings (for participants from GCC) 7.30pm – 8.30pm (Dubai & Muscat) 6.30pm – 7.30pm (Kuwait & Riyadh) all local times

An opportunity for participants to present their own leadership development challenge applying the relevant programme content and utilising a blend of action learning facilitation and “hot seat” coaching to support you in your thinking and resolution.


  • Accountability Calls – 3 X 30-minute individual accountability calls accountability calls with Elaine or a lead associate success mentor over the course of the programme
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Investment Costs

Women’s Leadership Identity Style & Impact (LISI) – Group Coaching Programme 

Early Purchase Price: Available to all until the 30th November  2021

£4,200 (+VAT for UK based participants)

Cost saving on normal programme price = £800

Full Price: Payable after the 30th November 2021

£5,000 (+VAT for UK based participants)

Programme Option –  LISI+

For participants who want to take the group coaching experience blended with  a package of 3 x 75 minute individual coaching sessions with Elaine to be taken at any point over the programme duration.

Early Purchase Price: Available to all until the 30th November  2021

£5,600 (+VAT for UK based participants)

Cost saving on normal programme price = £1000

Full Price: Payable after the 30th November 2021

£6,600 (+VAT for UK based participants)

Quite simply, Elaine is brilliant

Global Head of HR, Tech Sector

Are you ready to:-

  • Become the leader you always aspired to become?
  • Develop your self-belief, confidence & motivation in a way you may never have experienced before?
  • Gain real clarity into your core values, purpose, motivation, preferences, strengths and vulnerabilities?
  • Gain deep insight and conscious awareness into modulating and modifying your leadership style to best effect in any given situation?
  • Understand the importance and core elements of emotional intelligence?
  • Learn how to respond more consciously and powerfully, in the most challenging of situations?
  • Share, learn and develop with a committed community of fellow leaders from different business sectors and cultures in a unique way?
  • Be supported by a facilitator who not only has the expertise and skills to engage, stretch and challenge you, but who also has your objectives and best interests at the heart of what she delivers?
  • Are ready to make a committed investment of time, energy and money to accelerate your leadership development and self-awareness in a profound manner, over a relatively short time-frame?

Then take this opportunity now!

All the best leaders in their fields invest in themselves, be they sports people, government leaders, or leaders in business or public organisations.

They know the difference that investing in themselves to continually develop and hone their leadership competency and impact makes, to the quality of their leadership, career and life experience. 

With the right people and the right environment, unpinned by a quality programme framework and ethos, the benefits and impacts will be ones which are way beyond any initial expectations.

Be prepared for a potentially life-changing experience!

“Elaine is a fantastic coach! Within 30 minutes of our first session she helped me get to the nub of my career challenges. It was life changing for me!”

Head of Communications & Engagement, Scientific Research Sector

Next Steps

We are only taking a strictly limited number of participants onto this programme, to ensure an optimal learning and coaching environment for each person.

If you want to be one of them:-

Sign Up here to guarantee your place

Once you have completed the reservation process, we will confirm this and what happens next in a follow up email.

Naturally, if you have any queries or points of clarification you want to discuss with us, before reserving your place, do call us on +44 (0) 203 733 2335 or drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss these points with you.

We’re very excited about this programme and supporting women leaders across the globe in a whole variety of sectors and settings to become the leaders they know deep down, they are capable of becoming.

We hope you will join us in enabling this to happen for you and many other hundreds of women over the coming years!

Many thanks and best wishes for your future success and enjoyment!

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